Key points

  • Great for active players
  • Suits offensive play
  • Cheap troops


Special buildings

  • Brewery provides attack bonus during celebrations
  • Earth Wall is difficult to destroy

Simple strategy

  • Clubswingers are quick and cheap to build and so easily replaced
  • Easy to raid local villages for a profit
  • Cheap Chiefs for taking villages from others

Advanced strategy

  • While troops are cheap, they are not fast and so Teutons are best for close range attacks
  • Higher troop numbers are needed to succeed for many long distance attacks and will be relatively expensive to feed
  • Teuton Spearfighters are strong defense against cavalry – combined with the Roman Praetorian they are efficient, strong defense
  • Scouts are weaker but cheaper to feed than the Gaul and Roman equivalents
  • Earth Wall is difficult to destroy, but the defense bonus is low
  • Use the Brewery bonus carefully, the offense bonus balances against less powerful chieftains and catapults that hit randomly

For a list of all troops visit our Teuton Troops page.


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