Stammer og Natur

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Your choice of tribe will be the most important decision you make in Travian. There are three tribes that players can choose from. Key features are in the table below and for more detailed information, you can click on the links below:

  1. Gauls
  2. Romans
  3. Teutons


  Gauls Romans Teutons
Merchant speed High (24 f/h) Medium (16 f/h) Low (12 f/h)
Merchant capacity Medium (750) Low (500) High (1000)
Troop speed Fast Medium Slow
Troop cost Medium High Low
Troop training Medium Slow Fast
Wall Average defense, average to destroy High defense, easy to destroy Low defense, hard to destroy
Special benefits Cranny 2x, Trapper , fast Chieftains, +5
squares/h for mounted hero
Extra construction slot, Horse drinking trough, 25% more strength per hero skill point Brewery, 20% cranny dip if hero is part of attack
Disadvantages Expensive siege Slow and expensive troops High crop consumption


Nature is a computer-controlled tribe that is found in Oases and can be used as defense in your villages.  

Last but not least there are the Natars. They are another NPC tribe, which owns and defends some of the crop fields and the wonders of the world.


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