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In the upper right of screen (next to the silver button) there is a button to select that will take you to a menu with all the available gold options


After clicking on the gold button a box opens in the center of the screen with two tabs.  The first tab is to use your gold to purchase options that could benefit your gameplay style.  The second tab is where you would go if you want to purchase gold.


Below is a list with information on the items you are able to purchase with your gold (the 1st tab in the box above):

Starter Package

Starter package is only available during the first 7 days, but is active for 31 days.  The best time to buy it is right after you activate account.  The Starter package will help you get a head start since it includes Travian PLUS, resource bonus and crop bonus which are really important features in this game. The Starter package costs 60 gold, which is much cheaper than paying for all it includes separately. Starter Package includes:

  • 7 days Travian Plus
  • 7 days resource bonus
  • 7 days crop bonus

It also include some bonuses:


Travian Plus

Travian Plus allows you to play Travian even if you are less active. Travian Plus costs 10 gold and last for 7 days.  This is also included in the Starter Package. Travian Plus benefits are:

  • 25% greater storage capacity in order to store more resources and crop.
  • Extended farm list with 100x100 entries.  This will give you the ability to use an extended farm list to send out countless troop formations with one click.
  • Trade routes to order your merchants to make regular deliveries, even if you are not online.
  • The ability to order your merchants to complete a delivery twice in a row.


Resource bonus

For 15 gold, you can get the resource bonus which grants a 25% production increase of wood, clay and iron in all your villages for 7 days. The 25% bonus does not only apply to the base production of the resource, but it does apply to all other bonuses!


Crop bonus

The Crop bonus costs 10 gold and last 7 days. This bonus grants a 25% production increase of crop in all your villages for the duration displayed. The 25% bonus does not only apply to the base production of the resource, but it does apply to all other bonuses!


Other features

Master builder slot: Unlock up to three master builder slots in the construction queue for the whole game round. This feature requires Travian Plus and costs 50, 75 and 100 gold.  

Gold to Silver: Allows you to exchange gold to silver and vice versa in the Auction House. Exchanging silver to gold costs 200 silver for 1 gold, while exchanging gold to silver costs 1 gold for 100 silver.  

Finish immediately: Instantly complete construction queue orders to construct or demolish buildings, as well as all current research orders in Academyand Smithy.  This feature costs 3 gold.  

Merchant instant delivery: At the Marketplace, make a merchant perform an instant delivery.  

Additional merchant repetition: Allows you to automatically let your merchants deliver an additional time for the whole game round at the Marketplace. This feature requires Travian Plus to be unlocked and costs 25 gold for the first and 50 gold for the second repetition.  

NPC Merchant: Use your Marketplace to redistribute the resources of your village as you please.  This feature costs 4 gold.  

Tributes & treasure deliveries: Instantly complete the merchant deliveries of tributes and resources in your Rally Point. This feature costs 1 gold for tributes and 2 gold for merchants.


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