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In the world of Travian you are represented by the hero.

Your hero can be sent as reinforcement to other villages like every other unit. However, unlike every other unit, it is possible to control your hero from any one of your own villages at a time. To use your hero from another one of your own villages you must send him there as a reinforcement and tick the "Change hero home town" box while doing so. Once your hero arrives at the village you sent him to, you will be able to control him from that village.

Depending on your selected Travian tribe, a hero will gain one special tribe ability. Those special abilities can not be upgraded by the player:

  • Roman tribe:  The hero skill “strength” increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added.
  • Gaul tribe:  +5 Speed if mounted
  • Teuton tribe:  20 % “Cranny dip” (also known as “Plunder bonus”) for all units attacking with the hero.

When a hero is created he is level 0 and has 0 skill points. Ability levels can be increased up to level 100. Each time a hero gains a level he earns 4 additional ability points that can be used to increase his 4 ability levels.  There is a cap of 400 skill points maximum at level 100.

  • Fighting strength:

Points put into this ability increase the attack and defense value of the hero. Please note that your hero count as cavalry if he is equipped with a horse and as infantry if he is not equipped with a horse.

  • Off bonus:

Points put into this ability increase the attack value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%). This bonus only applies if the hero is attacking with the army.

  • Def bonus:

Points put into this ability increase the defense value of your whole army (meaning all your own troops defending the village - where they come from is unimportant) by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army. Other defending troops not under your control will remain unaffected by this bonus.

  • Resources:

Points put into this ability increase the resource output of the village where the hero is located. You can opt to increase production of one resource only or to evenly spread the bonus across all resources. It still remains one skill. You can freely change that setting.


You can choose a male or female hero and can change the facial characteristics and hair. As you play Travian, you will have the chance to get equipment which will have a benefit for your villages or hero and will also change his/her appearance.
In addition there are a lot of consumables with different effect, which your hero can find.


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