The auction house since T4

Auctions first appeared in the game in the T4 version. The new feature was initially met with mixed reactions. Many players were really happy about the auctions, while others continue to look at them critically even today.  


Goals of the auction house in Travian: Kingdoms

When considering the changes, the development team had three fundamental goals in mind. First was to retain the exciting auction atmosphere and to enhance it further. The often criticized “silver pushing” should be limited even more. Our team was also very interested in making the auction system as transparent as possible. In order to achieve these three goals, some old processes could be retained, while many new ones had to be implemented.  One such feature added to limit the past abuse of the auction system is that each time the same item is sold the price of that item will drop.  This will make the process of buying and selling of the same item in order to farm silver extremely difficult. There are two ways to get to the “Auctions” tab. 

  1. Click on the button with silver coins at the top of your screen (between map and gold buttons).  This takes you directly to the correct tab.
  2. Click on your hero image and select the Auction tab.


Buying items from the auction


When buying items, players can make their personal maximum bid. Of course, they can be outbid by other players. Be sure that you want the item you bid on because offers cannot be canceled, however you can edit the amount you bid. Players cannot bid on items which they have already purchased themselves. These items will be hidden. The auction time will increase by five minutes if the highest bid changes in the final five minutes before the end of the auction.

How to bid in auctions Open the Auction page and select the “Buy” tab. That's how it looks before placing a bid:


If your bid is accepted, the field turns green:


If your bid was too low, the field turns red:


Why am I outbid in every auction? If the bid-field turns red after placing your bid that is due to another player already having placed a higher bid than you. For example he placed 1000 silver and the next higher bid is 564. In this case he only bids 565 but will outbid everyone placing less than 1k silver automatically.  


Selling items in the auction

Open the Auction page and select the “Offer” tab.


Select the item in your inventory that you wish to sell and select offer.  If it is a stackable item, such as small bandages, also put in the amount you would like to sell.  Next there will be a confirmation screen and once you click “OK”, the listed average price will be added to your silver immediately.  


Viewing current and past bids

Open the Auction page and select the “Bids” tab

. Image  

Here you can see items you put bids on.  This includes current active bids in Green and those you were outbid on in red at the top.  In the section below you can see finished bids that you won or were outbid on also.


How much silver have I spent?

Open the Auction page and select the “Silver accounting” tab. Image  

On this tab you can see the amount of silver you spent in the last 7 days.  It shows the amount of silver spent and the total balance after each transaction was completed.   


Exchange Office


The exchange office is where you can exchange gold for silver or vice versa. Players can exchange 1 gold for 100 silver and 200 silver for 1 gold.


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