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Do you have a question about how to play? Are you stuck in the game? Cannot find an answer to your question at all?

In Travian: Kingdoms, there are a number of possible ways to get help.  These include the Help Center, Forum, Quick Help, and the Wiki.

You can easily access these resources from the upper right corner of your screen. Here, you will find a small question mark “?”. The “?” button will bring up a pop screen. In this screen, click on the Help and Support tab to find links for accessing the Help Center, Forum, Quick Help, and the Wiki.



Help Center

The Help Center allows you to contact Customer Support for assistance with a question or other problem. In the Help Center, you have the option of choosing one of three categories for your message: Game Support, Violation, and Plus Support.

Game Support:

  • Game Support is the category you should use it you cannot find an answer to your question using the Quick Help or Wiki, you need help understanding something in game, or if you wish to report a technical problem. 
  • If you wish to report a technical problem, please provide as much information about the problem as possible. In your message, also provide which web browser you are using, as well as what kind of device you are playing from (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). Also, if possible, attach a screenshot of the problem if it will help you to better explain the issue.


  • Violation is the category you should use if you want to report something that is in violation of the game rules (such as village, account, or alliance name, insulting or harassing messages, multi-accounts, etc.). Additionally, Violation should be used if you are contacting the Travian Team regarding a banned (or locked) account.

Plus Support:

  • Plus Support is the category you should use for questions regarding payment options or payment problems.


If you are unsure of which category to choose, select the one you find to be most fitting. Regardless of the category, your message will be answered.

In your message to Customer Support, try to state your problem as clearly as possible. It will make it easier to answer your request and help you sooner. Also, you have the option to attach a screenshot if it may help to show or describe your problem.

As soon as you receive an answer there will be an in game notification:


Lastly, you always have the possibility to look at your open Customer Support tickets. There is a button titled "My tickets" next to the "Send" button on the Help Center screen. Here, you will see a list of all the tickets you have submitted to Customer Support.



The Forum is a community where you can talk to the other players playing Travian. You are able to open your own threads or answer other players on any topic that is Travian related. For example you can share information about the game, share your battle reports, tell and read interesting stories, or just ask questions. The Forums can also be used to give the Travian Team feedback on the game.


Quick Help

The Quick Help can be used to find a great deal of basic information about Travian. You will find fast information about the various troops from each tribe, the different buildings, as well as simple explanations of game mechanics and other game aspects.

Each tab in Quick Help offers links to more detailed information.

On the Troops tab, you will find information about the different troop types of each tribe, including troop stats and the requirements to research and train each troop type.

On the Buildings tab, you will find information about the various buildings that may be built. Each link will provide you with a brief description about what the building is used for, the number of resources needed to build the building to level 1, and the requirements that are needed to build the building.


On the Miscellaneous tab, you will find basic information about adventures, heroes, alliances, and many other aspects and game mechanics.



The Wiki is a more detailed and complete companion to Quick Help. Where the Quick Help only provides brief explanations about troops, buildings, and game mechanics, the Wiki provides detailed explanation about all things Travian.  It is the best place to learn about the game and to find your answer to questions you may have.


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