You can attack other players as long as they are not in beginner’s protection or banned.

A target village/city can be chosen using the map, the statistics, or by entering the village/city name or coordinates of the village you want to defend in the Rally Point.


Attack vs Raid -

The difference between a normal attack and a raid is that a normal battle will be fought until one of the armies is dead. Raids will only do partial damage to both armies and in almost every case the attacker will have at least 1 surviving soldier.

An attack is meant to destroy the target. One of the two armies will be reduced to zero at the end of the attack.  This offensive mode should be limited to targets that are meant to be destroyed. Raiding by attacking does not reduce the bounty. An attack can inflict more damage to both attacker and defender.  It may end up costing you more than using raid.

Certain actions can only happen by a successful attack:


Destroying Buildings: Catapults and Rams will only work in attack or siege mode. Walls and buildings can only be destroyed during attack or siege mode.

Conquering: Chiefs/Senators/Chieftains work only during attacks or sieges.  Attacks or sieges are also required to conquer other villages.

Releasing trapped troops: Troops that are trapped by a Gaul’s Trapper can only be released by an attack. If the defender has traps, some attackers may be trapped and then released immediately if the attack is successful.


Attacking with multiple waves: If you want to send more than one wave (usually done with catapults), you can open multiple tabs in the rally point. However there is a limit in Travian: Kingdoms to the number of waves you can send per second depending on the travel time:

  • < 3h: 1 wave
  • 3-6h: 2 waves
  • 6-12h: 3 waves
  • > 12h: 4 waves



How do you send an attack?

In the Map view, click on the village you wish to attack. Select "Send troops". Enter the number of troops you wish to send and select "Attack: Normal". Click “Continue”.


Click “Send” and the troop(s) will be sent.

You will receive a report after the attack is over.


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