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Scouts are military units used to collect information about villages. Each player may use scouts in one of two ways: offensively or defensively.

There is one scout troop per tribe.  They are Equites Legati (Romans), Scout (Teutons), and Pathfinder (Gauls).

Scouts have no attack power, but are used in an "attack" on a village/city to see what troops are stationed there, and either what resources or defensive structures are present in that city. In order to scout a village/city, the scouting units must be sent by themselves. Scouts can be made stronger by upgrading them in the Smithy. This is useful when scouting a player who has scouts in their village, as their scouts will try to detect and kill your scouts. (NOTE: Even an upgraded scout sent on a non-scouting attack will still have 0 attack power to it.)

When scouting someone, the person being scouted will not be aware of the incoming scouts. If your scouts go undetected by the defender, they will not be aware that they have been scouted. However, if your scouts are detected or killed, then the defender will be aware that you have scouted their village.

Scouts can also be used defensively. When your village/city is scouted by an enemy player, the scouting can be prevented provided you have enough scouts stationed there. For example: you have 2000 scouts stationed in a village. A player sends 1000 scouts to scout your village. Since your village has a higher defending scouting power than the "attacking" scouts, you will have a chance to kill some of those attacking scouts. If none of the attacker's scouts survive, you will prevent any information from being returned. The defensive power of your scout can be modified with upgrades in the Smithy, by your village/city's wall and the city’s Water Ditch.


How to send Scouts

In the Map view, click on the village you wish to scout. Select "Send troops". Then under “Choose your troops”, enter the number of scouts you wish to send. When selecting only scout units, "Scouting" is the default type of attack.


Click “Continue” and you will be asked to select which type of scouting you wish to perform - “Scout resources and troops” or “Scout defenses and troops”.  For the scouting to work, only scouts can be sent.


The difference between the two types of scouting:

  1. Scout resources and troops: shows how many resources the village is holding, the number of resources protected by the Cranny (if a Cranny is built), and the number of troops present in the village (including reinforcements).
  2. Scout defenses and troops: shows which defensive buildings the village has built and the number of troops present in the village (including reinforcements). Defensive buildings include: Residence/PalaceRally Point, and walls.

Once you have chosen which type of scouting you wish to perform, click “Send” and the scout(s) will be sent.


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