Translation of this page is incomplete.

Translation of this page is incomplete.
Siège is a new option that is introduced in Travian: Kingdoms.  You can attack other players using the siege option so long as they are not in beginner’s protection or banned. In order to attack a player using the siege option, you need catapults and/or rams, troops and a target.

A target may be chosen using the map, the statistics button or by entering the name or coordinates of the village/city you want to attack in the Rally Point. The siege mode allows for an additional bonus of 33% on attacking strength.  This bonus gives Teutons the possibility of a total extra bonus of 60% which includes the Brewery. On top of that is the hero bonus of 20%, which adds up to a nice bonus of 1.92.

For Gauls and Romans, too, the siege mode in combination with the hero bonus considerably increases the attacking strength of offensive armies.

The only “disadvantage” here is the doubled traveling time of the offensive army and that players have to send at least 1,000 units, and at least one ram among them. This bonus can be extremely effective, particularly against Wonders of the World, stationary defensive armies and villages within a range of two to four hours. The added traveling time is definitely worth the high attack bonus.  


How do you send a siege?

In the Map view, click on the village/city you wish to siege. Select "Send troops". Next enter the number of troops you wish to send and select "Attack: Siege". Click “Continue”. Image  

Click “Send” and the troop(s) will be sent. You will be sent a report once the attack is over with the results.

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