Wonder of the World - village


Buildings in the village

Main Building Level 20
Warehouse Level 20
Granary Level 20
Rally Point Level 1
Natar Wall Level 20
Wonder of the World Level 0


Conquer the village  



All in all there are seven Wonder of the World villages in Travian: Kingdoms.

1 50|0
2 22|-45
3 -22|-45
4 -50|0
5 -22|45
6 22|45
7 0|0


72 hours before the Wonder of the World villages are conquerable a countdown will be displayed. During that phase the Natars will increase their scout activities and they also will scout your village.
Once the countdown is over the clouds above the mountains will disappear and the village that was hidden in the mist until then will become visible.

Then you have to conquer that village and build a Wonder of the World to level 100 there. The real fight begins since the construction will take its tolls on resources and other alliances are unlikely to just sit and watch the constructions works.

The server ends as soon as one Wonder of the World is built to lvl 100. Depending on the ranking of your Wonder of the World, your alliance will receive a bonus to their victory points:

Rank Bonus
1 100%
2 50%
3 33%
4 25%
5 20%
6 10%
7 0%



  • The clouds over the mountains will disappear on day 111 (1x speed server).
  • 15 crop fields are available within the village.
  • All resource fields are build up to level 10.
  • Natar Troops defend the village.
  • You cannot use the options “NPC merchant” or “Finish immediately”.
  • The Natar Wall will remain in the village.
  • As long as the Natars own the village reinforcements will be sent back.
  • A statistic about the Wonder of the World villages will be shown in the Statistics tab.
  • Troops stationed in the Wonder of the World village will require half of their normal crop consumption.
  • You can build a Great Warehouse and a Great Granary in the Wonder of the World village.


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