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In Travian: Kingdoms you may change your hero’s items at any time with the exception of items that influence his/her travel speed.  These can only be changed when your hero is not traveling.

Items for villages or buildings affect the village the hero is assigned to. The items only work when your hero is currently present. If the hero leaves the village or dies, the items have no effect.

Items that effect the hero or troops only work for either the hero alone or for troops attacking/defending together with the hero. They do not give an effect to troops which do not have the hero with them (this means the troops have to be from the same village the hero is from).

3 tiers of equipment items are available for Travian: KIngdoms.  Each tier will be released at different times into the server.   For example on a normal speed server Tier 1 will be released from day 1 until approximately day 40, tier 2 until approximately day 80 and tier 3 after that.  These times can vary.

Each item also has possible variants to the amount of the bonus.  For example:  let’s say a helmet offers +10 health at Tier 1 with variants of -2, +0 or +2.  This means that the helmet you see will have either +8, +10 or +12 health bonus.  The item will appear in game with one of these amounts of bonus, not all three.  The variants amounts are listed after each item description on the pages listed below:

Right hand Romans

Right hand Teutons

Right hand Gauls

Left hand items






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