Tributes, Treasures and Stolen Goods

Governors’ tributes to the king and treasures

Kings receive tributes from their governors in the form of resources and treasures. These are automatically generated by the governors and added to the coffers of the relevant villages. The maximum size here is determined by the warehouses, whereas the amount of treasures is not limited.


If you raid a governor, resources will first be taken from the tributes and only afterwards from the storages of that governor.

Treasures can also be stolen! In contrast to kings, all treasures from the tribute chest of governors are stolen with one attack. In order to collect tributes, a king requires neither troops nor merchants. The delivery time of these is 3 fields per hour and is not controlled by the speed of the governor’s merchants. Tributes are produced on top of the normal production, so they will not reduce a governor’s normal production. The more resources a village produces, the higher the tributes will be.   In attacks against other kings, up to 33% of the treasures stored in the target village can be stolen - as long as the attacker has sent their hero alongside their troops. A treasure and stolen goods use up the carrying capacity of one resource respectively and they both are given priority over stealing resources. For every sold stolen good (see below), the king will receive one treasure in the tribute fund of the capital village of the relevant governor. Treasures, which governors have stolen from kings, will go straight into the tribute fund of the village where the attack was sent from.  


Stolen Goods

Governors receive stolen goods from defeating robber hideouts and camps. Via their hero inventory, governors can then sell the stolen goods to their king in exchange for resources. Stolen goods may also be sold without a king, but they will award no wheat when doing so. 

NOTE:  Delivery speed of resources after selling stolen goods is always 3 fields per hour. This speed is no longer controlled by the merchant speed of the tribe. To sell Stolen Goods, click on the treasure box in your hero’s inventory and select the image of the stolen goods:


The box below will appear and here you can choose how many of the Stolen Goods you would like to sell. Image  


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