Top Center of the UI

The bar in the top center of your UI has information and navigation buttons.  We will explain all the parts of this section of your UI from Left to right.  


Fist we have a button that looks like a hammer.  This button will give you information on what you are building in your village.  It lists buildings under construction, master builder orders, and active research.

The button to the right of the hammer, with the people in it, is to view how much population you have for that village.



The next three buttons are for navigation.  Select to view inside your village, outside your village (resource fields) or to see the map of the area your village is in.


Image There is much you can do from the map view.  If you select a field on the map a ring with different icons will appear with buttons on it.  From here you can send troops, send merchants?, add a village to your farm list, collect tributes, mark villages, or even see reports.



To the right of the map view are buttons that look like silver and gold.  The silver button brings up the “Auctions” tab and the gold button will show you where to buy gold and what packages you can use gold to get.  If you want more information on this, please visit our gold packages page.


Image   Just below all the buttons a row with information about your resources.  This is where you can see how much of each resource you have, what the maximum is that your Warehouse and Granary can hold and how much you are producing per hour.

If you want more detail on your resource production, just click in the bar and it will take you to the “Production Overview” box which has a tab for each kind of resource.


These tabs will tell you production of each field, bonuses from buildings in your village, total production and premium bonus if you have purchased one of the gold packages.  The last tab, “Balance” shows you how much of your crop is being used by population and troops.  If your crop balance suddenly changes, this is a good place to check to see why.


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