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Image   In Travian, you can found a Secret Society in your Embassy and invite other players to join. As the name suggests, Secret Societies work covertly. No one but the members of the society will know about their existence or goals, unless of course, there are traitors among them. A Secret Society will always pursue one of two goals: Bright Secret Societies are for protection, while Dark Secret Societies fight against villages, players, kingdoms or even alliances. Internal statistics will allow each member to have a good overview of how each individual member has contributed towards achieving that goal. Through a common in-game chat, society members can stay in touch and share information regarding troops, granaries and battle reports. How to start a new Secret Society: To found a new Secret Society you must have an Embassy (any level). Open the Embassy screen and choose the third tab called “Secret Society”. Next select “Found Secret Society”. Image A new screen will pop up where you can enter the name of your society, select a mission, and decide what details you would like to share with each other. After entering all the information click on “Found”. Next choose “show details” to open a screen where you can add a description and invite others to join your Secret Society.   Zpět to previous page