Key points

  • Suits patient, experienced players
  • Powerful troops
  • Long and expensive training


  • Troops – slow speed, high build costs, slow time to train
  • Merchants – medium speed (16 f/h), low capacity (500 resources)
  • 100 ‘fighting strength’ hero points per skill point (rather than 80)

Special buildings

Simple strategy

Advanced strategy

  • Strengths in offence and defense
  • Patience is required to build large armies
  • For defense, produce large numbers of Praetorians
  • If defending solo, keep villages close together
  • Senator is more powerful than Gaul and Teuton equivalents
  • Use Trade Office to compensate for low capacity of merchants
  • Use Horse Drinking Trough to reduce feeding troops of cavalry 

For a list of all troops visit our Roman Troops page.

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