Right Side of the UI

The right side of the UI is focused on help functions, hero information, troop movements and reports.



In the top row (above there hero’s image) there are six buttons:

  1. The "Forum" button. The forums are a great place to get questions answered and talk with other players.
  2. Sound button. Click on the image of a speaker to turn the sound on or off.
  3. The "?" will take you to the Help Center, where you can get help from the help center support, quick help, wiki, and another way to open the forums.
  4. Use the button with a gear symbol on it to change you preferences, such as language, show online status, audio options, delete account, or create access for external tools.
  5. Clicking on your in-game name will take you to your profile. Here you can see your rank, population, alliance, cities, kingdom and more.
  6. The last button along the top right is the "Logout" button which will take you back to your Lobby.



Next is a picture of your hero and two small buttons, one on each side of the image.

  1. To the left of your hero image is a button with a little map in it.  This is where you go to see adventures and how many adventure points you have.
  2. To the right of the image is a button with your hero’s level in it.  Clicking on this will take you to your hero’s page and attributes.  If you have unspent attribute points a star will appear in the upper right corner of this box.  You can also change the look of your hero from here. 
  3. If you click on your hero’s photo, you will be taken to your inventory page.

Note:  All three if the choices above will take you to your hero’s pop up box, which includes all the tabs for inventory, attributes, auctions, and adventures.  Due to this you can move around the tabs for easier access to the information.

Just below the hero information area, you will find troop and merchant movement bars.  There will be no bars if you are not moving anything at the time.


If you click on one of the bars, it will open your Rally Point to show you details about the movement. For example:  If you sent resources? or troops out then clicking on that bar will take you to the outbound tab in your Rally Point.


The next section shows the troops in your village, as well as nature if you have captured any.  If you click on the bar, a list will drop down with details on which troops are there.  In the image below, I have the nature list open.


Finally, at the very bottom of the right side of the UI are the Reports.


If you have any new reports, they will automatically show here (even without refreshing the page).  To see details of a report, just click on the image in the list.  The “x” button will delete the report notifications that show here, but not the report itself.  The last button will open your entire report box to see all reports.

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