Troops may be sent to other players as reinforcements. Reinforcements are usually intended to help defend someone from an attack, but this is not always the case. You can reinforce other players as long as they are neither in beginner’s protection nor banned.

In order to reinforce someone you need troops and a target village/city. A target village/city can be chosen via the map, the statistics, or by entering the village name or coordinates of the village you want to defend in the Rally Point. Troops that have been sent to reinforce another village will stay there until they die in battle, starve, are recalled by the owner, or are sent back by the player you are defending.

Troops that are reinforcing other villages can be seen in the “Stationed” tab of the Rally Point. Here, you can see which villages your troops are reinforcing and the crop upkeep of the troops. Also, you have the option to withdraw your troops from this screen.

When troops are reinforcing other villages, their crop upkeep is paid by the village where they are stationed. To make sure your troops do not starve, you may need to send crop shipments via the Marketplace to the village that your troops are defending.  (A player should ask the account they are reinforcing if crop will need to be sent to be prevent troops from starving.)

Reinforcing is a military tactic used in many ways:

As Offensive:

  • a means to starve the troops and prevent upgrades of another village/city belonging to another player (reined troops will starve first)
  • a means to feed additional troops by letting other players feed your troops
  • reinforcing the neighboring potential farms of an enemy (normally referred to as spiking)

As Defensive:

  • a place to keep troops to evade an attack
  • the reinforcement of an ally

Some additional information about reinforcements:

  • Reinforcements can be temporary or permanent (permanent reinforcements are sometimes called standing reins.)
  • Reinforcements from a village/city that is deleted, conquered, or destroyed will disappear from the village/city they are reinforcing
  • Reinforcements require crop from the village/city in which they are stationed and not from the city they are sent



How to send reinforcements

In the Map view, click on the village you wish to reinforce. Select "Send troops". Next enter the number of troops you wish to send and select "Reinforcement". Click “Continue”.


Finally, click “Send” and the troop(s) will be sent.


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