Røverleir og Røvernes Skjulested

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Robber Hideouts:

Robber Hideouts will randomly appear in the near of your capital every couple of days.  They are only visible to you and not to others within the kingdom.  You must attack and destroy these hideouts within a certain amount of time or they will begin to send attacks to your villages.  If you attack and destroy the hideout before their attack reaches your village, their attack will be cancelled.



Robber Camps:

Every couple of days, gangs of robbers will invade a kingdom and set up camp. The more players are in a kingdom, the more robbers camps will appear. These camps can however not be defeated by a single player. In order for it to disappear, a robber’s camp needs to be attacked successfully up to five times by different players (depending on the size of your kingdom). If a robber’s camp hasn’t been attacked successfully for a set period of time, it will take the initiative and attack surrounding villages itself.   NOTE:  Besides resources, governors can also find stolen goods in the robber hideouts and camps, which are passed on to the king via the tribute funds  Be sure to send enough troops to get all the resources and stolen goods.  To sell your stolen goods, click on the treasure box in your hero’s inventory:


The box below will appear and here you can choose how many of the stolen goods you would like to sell.  



NOTE:  Delivery speed of resources after selling stolen goods is always 3 fields per hour. This speed is no longer controlled by the merchant speed of the tribe.


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