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If an oasis is located within your kingdom or borders it, you can occupy it with troops and conquer it thereby. In wild oases, all animals need to be defeated first. Occupied oases always belong to the kingdom that has the most troops stationed in them. An occupied oasis gives a resource production bonus to up to five players of your kingdom. For this to work the oasis needs to be within the 7x7 of your village and a free oasis slot needs to be available in the Embassy. The first five players with the most troops in the oasis can then use the bonus in one of their villages. The upkeep of stationed troops will still be deducted from their home village. Bonus on resource production by rank:

  1. 25 percent
  2. 20 percent
  3. 15 percent
  4. 10 percent
  5. 5 percent

Stationing troops at an oasis is not only required to reach as high a bonus as possible, but also in order to prevent it from being conquered. To conquer an oasis for your kingdom, you have to defeat all troops in it and afterwards use it in one of the following ways:

  • reinforce it with at least one unit
  • assign it in your embassy

There is one additional requirement to conquer it for the kingdom: It has to be located within or next to the border of your kingdom. If all defending troops within an oasis have been killed, it will once again become a wild oasis. Image   What are the basic requirements in order to be able to assign an oasis to your village?

  • The oasis must be within your kingdom's borders (the square must be yellow) to use it by reinforcing it with troops
  • The oasis must be within your area of reach (7x7), reaching a maximum of 3.61 squares away from your village, to assign it in your embassy Available oases are seen in your embassy.

  What are the possibilities of acquiring an oasis? How is that done?

  • If the oasis is within your kingdom's borders you can either attack it and defeat all nature troops there or capture them with cages. After you have cleaned the oasis, send reinforcement there or assign it in your embassy. This can be done by kings and governors
  • If the oasis is within your 7x7, you can assign it in your embassy. Available oases are seen there.

  How does bonus production work? After you have gained an oasis you will receive the following bonuses:

  • 1 unit per troop stationed in oasis in your kingdom per 25% oasis bonus. This means that if you have 10 troops stationed in a 25% crop oasis you will receive 10 bonus crop/hour . If you have 10 troops stationed in 25% crop + 25% clay oasis you will receive bonus production of 10 clay and 10 crop per hour.
  • According to the influence over the oasis you will receive a bonus on your hourly production as follows. To get this % bonus, you have to assign it in your embassy.


Rank (see above) wood/clay/iron/crop wood+crop/iron+crop/clay+crop 50 % crop
1 25 % 25 % + 25 % 50 %
2 20 % 20 % + 20 % 40 %
3 15 % 15 % + 15 % 30 %
4 10 % 10 % + 10 % 20 %
5 5 % 5 % + 5 % 10 %

NOTE: This is not the same influence, kings have on their governors. It is only the influence of one specific player on the oasis.   How to collect resources? Once the resources are available to collect, this button will become clickable. The resources will be sent to all players, who produced resources in the oasis. If no player collects the resources for 6 hours, they get collected by an NPC and are delivered to the different players in the same way. Image     Powróć to previous page                                                                                                Back to Top