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At the Marketplace you can trade resources with other players. The higher its level, the more resources can be transported at the same time. When you enter the Marketplace, you will see there are 5 tabs which you can choose from:

  •  The 1st tab is also called the “Send” section. You can send resources from this screen.
  •  The 2nd tab or “Buy” section is used to buy resources from other players.
  •  The 3rd tab is the “Offer” section. Here you can place your own offers on the Marketplace and wait for them to be accepted by other players.
  •  The 4th tab is the “NPC Trade” section. Here you can trade with the game, in a 1:1 ratio, meaning that you can turn your 500 lumber, 400 clay, 300 iron and 4000 crop into 1500 lumber, 1400 clay, 1300 iron and 1000 crop.
  •  The 5th tab is the “Merchants” section. This last section gives you an overview which activities currently take place in your village.
  •  Extra Tab or “Trade Routes” section:  If you have purchased the Travian Plus package with gold, you will see another tab called ‘Trade routes’. Here you can setup new trade routes, and get an overview of those that you currently have.

Send resources

This option is to be used if you want to send someone a gift, if you know the person you trade with and trust him/her, or if you want to send between your own villages. Also this is where you can see what merchants are moving to and from your village. Resources may be sent to a village without a marketplace, but the recipient is unable to track the merchant’s progress. Image   In this screenshot we see the following:

  • How many merchants we currently have
  • How many merchants are available
  • How many merchants are on their way
  • How many repetitions of the same delivery
  • Which village you are sending to
  • The number of resources



The 'Buy' section is used to buy resources from other players. You may look through all that is available or select which resources you are looking for in the top to limit the results.  If you have enough resources and merchants, you can click the 'Accept' link behind an offer and the merchants will be on their way. Be careful, once you have clicked a link the offer is immediately accepted, there is no confirmation screen like in the 'send resources' screen. Image   You can see the name of the player who offered the trade and the ratio as for each offer. You can filter on two different ratio’s 1:1 and 1:X.  The second choice is for any offer that is not 1:1.  

Selling (Offering)

The third section is the 'Offer' section. Here you can place your own offers on the Marketplace and wait for them to be accepted by other players. You can offer something for sale, by indicating which resource and how much you offer and which resource and how much you expect in return. For other players, this will show up in their "Buy" list unless they are prevented by one or both of the options you have selected - "Own alliance only" and the maximum delivery time. Image   Remember, if you don't want your merchant(s) to be on their way for too long, you should set the maximum time of transport. When an offer is accepted, merchants from both sides will start to transport the goods. The speed of the merchants and amount they can carry is different for the three tribes:

Some points to remember:

  • When making an offer, the resources you are trying to sell are moved from the Warehouse and/or Granary into the Marketplace.
  • The merchants required to transport those goods become unavailable until the offer is accepted and carried out, or canceled.
  • The Marketplace offers extra storage above your Warehouse/Granary; you can temporarily store extra goods in your Marketplace if your Warehouse or Granary is nearly full.  Once the offer is accepted and on its way though, you must make room in your own storage buildings for the resources being delivered.
  • Resources stored as an offer in the Marketplace can be raided by other players.

! Remember that when sending or receiving resources, there is a limit to a player's storage capacity. If they receive more resources than they can store, anything above that is lost and cannot be retrieved.  

NPC Merchant

The NPC merchant is a non-playable character that you can trade 1-for-1 in the Marketplace. It is used to balance out your resources. E.g - You have 100 Wood, 670 Clay, 700 Iron and 1500 Crop. You want to build a treasury (720 Wood, 685 Clay, 645 Iron and 250Crop) but you don't have enough Wood. Using this service you can trade 620 Wood for 620 Wheat. The NPC has immediate effect as opposed to trading with other players You MUST pay 4 gold to use this service.  Image   If you want to use the NPC Merchant to build a building or train troops, you simply go to the item you wish to build in game, select the building/troop and click on “Exchange resources 5 gold” (this option will not be available if you do not have enough gold or resources). For troops, this is highly effective, as the system automatically works out the most troops you can build and performs the NPC calculation for you.  For building multiple kinds of troops, if you have negative crop, or if you want to build several buildings at the same time then you need to use a calculator to help with the calculations and adjust the information as necessary.  These kinds of transactions cannot be automatically calculated by the NPC as they cost a different amount of resources each. Image    

Trade Routes

This tab will only be visible if you have purchased Travian Plus. Here you can setup new trade routes, and get an overview of those that you currently have.  First, decide what resources and how many you would like to send and to which location you want them to go.  Next you can choose if you would like the shipment to be repeated.  You may purchase more repetition slots for gold.    Click on the green “+” towards the bottom right and slide the timer buttons to select what time these deliveries should take place.  Once all the information is entered on the screen, select “Set up trade route” and you are done. Image   The delivery will leave your village at the time you selected for it, even if you are not logged in.  


The last section gives you an overview of which activities are currently taking place in your marketplace. These options are:

  • Outbound trade
  • Inbound trade
  • Returning merchants

This is where you can see the number of merchants, player name, village name and arrival time of all transactions done through the Marketplace. If you have many merchant actions in and out of your village, you can mark them in one of four colors:  gray (standard), green, red or yellow.  Image   Image     Tillbaka to previous page                                                                                     Back to Top  

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