Lobby (PL)

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What is the Lobby?

Image   The Lobby is the first page you see when you log into Travian: Kingdoms.  Here you can find all the important information about the game, and other helpful links. All section will be explained in detail below.  


Image   The right side of the Lobby (marked red in the picture above) is where you can find all the most current news about Travian. It's important to check news every day to be up-to-date with news about the game, updates, events, and more.  

Your Gameworlds

Image The section in the top of the column to the left of the Lobby is where your Game worlds are listed. You can see all servers you are currently playing on here.  To open a game, select the world you want to play and a new window will appear in the middle of the Lobby.  In the new window you can find some information about your game account and the game server, as well as a button to click on to begin playing Travian on that server.  If you select the button labeled “New gameworld”, a new window will appear.  You can select another game server to play right from here and it will be added to the list above. NOTE:  On the center screen that appears when you choose a game world, there is an option to add sitters or a dual.  Image   If you have been added as sitter or dual to an account, their names will appear on the left side of the Lobby just under your gameworlds.  To check these accounts, just click on their name and a new screen in the center will appear where you can log directly into their account without having to log out of yours (see image below). Image  


Image In the middle of the left column of the Lobby is the Account section.  You can modify your account information, such as Profile picture, account name, email address, password or edit subscription. To edit whatever you want simply click on "Edit" button.  


Image Help Center:  Here you can ask questions which you didn't find in our other community areas. Also our PLUS support team can help if you have any problems with payment or gold features. Technical problems can also be reported here.  All you have to do is to explain your problem and be patient. Wiki:  This is a place where you can find answer to your questions and detailed descriptions about the game.  There are also guides in the Wiki to help you along. Forum:  The Forum is a place where players can ask for a help, look for an alliance, talk to other players, etc. These Forums are an amazing place to meet your new friends!  

Log out

The last button on the bottom of the left side of the Lobby is where you would log out of the game completely.   Powróć to previous page                                                                                              Back to Top