Villages with an active treasury exert a certain influence over the area they are in. The extent of this influence depends on the population size and the number of treasures in the village. Also Oases do give minor influence similar to a village with 49 inhabitants. The further a square is away from the village, the smaller the influence. The influences of all your villages will add up.

Should another kingdom exert a greater influence over one or more of your governor villages, that king will have the option to invite you to join their kingdom. If you accept the invitation, you also become a member of the alliance of the new king. As soon as your new king has at least one point of influence over your capital village, his area will expand around this tile.

How Influence works:

The area of a kingdom is mirrored by the villages of the king that have an active treasury in them. The more inhabitants these villages have, the greater the influence on the surrounding fields.

The further away a field, the more the influence will be reduced (1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4,…). If the king has multiple villages, the influence will add up.  Please note that only villages with an active treasury in them create influence and that a king can only have active treasuries in half of his villages plus one (Example: With 10 villages you can have 6 active treasuries).

A village’s influence has a maximum range, which is dependent on the village size. In other words to increase the reach of your influence you have to get more population in your villages with an active treasury. There are different levels for this. Each level your influence range expands. The levels are at 0-99, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 population. The following graph shows the exact area:


So the maximum range is 4.1 squares in each direction.

The influence strength on a specific tile is determined by 3 factors:

  • Population (this time the exact number)
  • distance
  • bonus from treasures

The exact formula is: (1+treasure bonus)*population/distance

Through treasures in the treasury, a king will also receive a bonus on the influence of that particular village. This is why the change of treasure ownership might cause a kingdom’s area to change. It is not that important how the treasure bonus is calculated, just remember:

  • More pop = increase your influence area
  • More pop and treasures as well as less distance = increase influence strength

As soon as a governor of another kingdom has at least one village in your kingdom, you can invite him to become your governor. To do so, click on one of his villages within your kingdom on the map. At 4 o'clock position you find a button "invite into kingdom". In case a governor received an invitation and gets inactive he will automatically join after 3 days.



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