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What is a duke?

A duke is a governor in the kingdom, who has been granted some special privileges. As a duke you have an option to convert one of your hidden treasuries into active state. By doing that, this village will generate influence the same way as kings’ villages do. The king and his dukes share information about troops in the villages, battle reports and the actual crop production.


How do I promote/demote a duke?

To promote or demote a duke, you need to access the kingdom menu and chose the tab “Info”. You will see the remaining duke slots and the number of treasures missing to unlock the next slot. As soon as a slot is occupied, it will show you the number of treasures this duke has stored in his treasury. A duke can abdicate on his own in his embassy as well. Every governor can be promoted to Duke. He/she does not have to be part of the kingdom. Image  

Additional Information

  • On the map the village of a duke with an active treasury is displayed like a village from a king. It will not generate any tributes for the king.
  • A king can attack his duke. The duke will not be kicked out of the kingdom by doing that (compared to other governors)
  • If a duke is stealing treasures from other players, these treasures will be stored in his treasury and not added to the tributes. Stolen goods sold by the duke are added to the own treasury as well. All the treasures from a duke are counted for the treasure ranking of the king and generate victory points for the alliance, as well.
  • A duke can also crown himself to king. In this case

The number of governors, who can be promoted to duke by the king, depends on the number of treasures in the kingdom. There is a maximum of 7 dukes for each kingdom.

Number of dukesNumber of treasures in the kingdom
7 (max)32.000

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