Guide for Gauls

So you have decided to play Gaul? An excellent choice. In this short guide we shall very quickly cover the basics, troops etc.



OK, the first thing that you've got to know is that Gaul means defence. Do not get me wrong, an offensive and strategic Gaul can reduce a horde of Teutons into ashes but this guide is more defense based.

When you are playing as Gaul and as a governor under a good king, I suggest keeping your offense to a minimum. Just keep enough TTs to attack robber hideouts and camps.



Lets discuss our Gaulish troops:

  • Phalanx:-Phalanx are your base unit. By the end of governors BP, you should have atleast 25-100 of them (remember that this is relative and not absolute). Now, what will you use them for? As you and your neighbours will expand and grow, they will begin raiding you. Most of the raiding units of each tribe are cavalry and who negates cavalry? You guessed it. Our phalanx. Once you have a decent amount of them (1000-3000) then you can send a few to one of your annexed oasis' to produce resources for you.
  • Druidrider:-Druidrider are the cavalry counterpart of tne Phalanx. They are good to defend against cavalry but a good army of them, and no infantry would stand a chance. However it is not easy to train them and cater to them. I would suggest that have your phalanx and druidrider in a 2:1 ratio, in favor of phalanx, as Druidriders are double power of Phalanx.
  • Pathfinders:-In short, I would recommend that you should have a good amount of them in your villages to defend against enemy reconissance units.
  • Swordsman:They are your first offensive unit. If you are playing offensive, they are ideal for you in the start but later on in the game should be dropped as they are infantry and slow and we have much better cavalry attacking units.
  • Theutates Thunder:TTs are regarded as the quickest raiding units. They are atrochius at defense but more than make up for it by their speed and carrying capacity. Even if you are playing defensive, I recommend having at least a 100 of them at your surface.
  • Haeduan:Haeduans are our ultimate weapon. They are super at defending against cavalry and a horror for enemies unprepared. However nothing comes for a free and there is always a catch in it, their training and upkeep is extraordinary.
  • Ram & Catapult:Used in sieges and to topple buildings.
  • Chieftain:Used in conquering.
  • Settler:Used for founding new villages.