Key points

  • Excellent for beginners
  • Strong defense
  • Fast cavalry


  • Troops – fast speed, medium build costs, medium time to train
  • Merchants – fast (24 f/h), medium capacity (750 resources)
  • +5 f/h speed for mounted hero

Special buildings

Simple strategy

  • Naturally good defenders.
  • Phalanx defense is quick and cheap to build. 
  • Druidriders are more expensive but can travel fast

Advanced strategy

  • While Gauls are often played defensively, they can also be played offensively with great success. In particular:
  • Theutates Thunders are excellent raiders (19 f/h, carrying 75 resources)
  • Theutates Thunders are also good for killing enemy troops when players are asleep due to high speed
  • Chieftains are relatively fast (5 f/h)
  • More than other tribes, Gauls have potential to make a market profit (24 f/h, carrying 750 resources)
  • Gauls can fill a village with Trappers to frustrate any player that takes it from them
  • Haeduan can also be used as defense but are very expensive

For a list of all troops visit our Gaul Troops page.


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