Beginners Protection

When you first start playing on a Travian: Kingdoms server you will get beginners protection (BP).  The BP lasts for up to 7 days, unless you hit the 200 population mark before then. You can switch from king to governor or the opposite way whenever you want with only the two limits listed below:

a)  If you choose to be king in the tutorial, you have to wait till the beginners protection of the king ends. Only then you are able to abdicate.

b) Each coronation takes an additional 24h, so the first one is instant, the second 24h and so on.

  • There is no way to extend BP after these 7 days. To leave it early, just reach 200 population.

Inactive Player:  If a player becomes inactive during the beginners protection, the protection will be gone. For players with less than 100 population this will be after 3 days.

Still in beginners protection (BP) but getting attacks? In case you see incoming raids or attacks on yourself or one of your governors despite still having BP these attacks are sent by robbers. Robber camps and hideouts spawn from time to time in the kingdom. Hideouts can only be seen by a specific governor.  If you miss to clear them, they will start sending attacks on you. But do not fear. In the beginning those attacks and hideouts are very weak.  

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