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In Travian: Kingdoms, an alliance consists of up to three Kings. The members of the kingdoms (governors) are also automatically members of the alliance, with limited rights however. Trustworthy governors can be promoted to the rank of a “Duke” and will then hold nearly identical rights to the kings. Kings and Dukes not only have access to battle and scouting reports, but they can also see the armies and crop supplies of each individual village of another king or duke at any given time. Within the alliance various information, such as battle reports or information about inbound attacks, can be shared. Together, an alliance collects victory points through the treasures in the Treasuries of its kings. The alliance with the most victory points upon the completion of a Wonder of the World wins the game round!   How to play with the same alliance from other servers? With the recent changes of the kingdom system, there is a chance that those you once played with will not be in the same kingdom or alliance.  There is a way to get into the same alliance if you wish to play with those friends:

  • All alliance members should of course play on the same server and the same cardinal direction.
  • First choose 3 players to be Kings and have the rest play as Governors.
  • The placing on the map happens randomly after choosing the cardinal direction.  So all Kings should choose the placing at one time.  Then as soon as possible after the Kings have done this, the Governors should also do that.  This gives the Governors good odds to spawn in one of those kingdoms.
  • You should found a secret society with the aim to protect itself and invite all players who are supposed to be in the Alliance, but weren’t able to land their spawn village in the right kingdoms.
  • By using the secret society you have a shared chat and can see some information about the other villages.
  • Now play the Quest system until the point when you supposed to settle the second village.
  • Those who were not able to spawn in the right kingdoms should settle their second village in one of the kingdoms of your alliance (If they want to take a 15 or 9 cropper, choose one as near as possible).
  • Now the King can invite the players that could not get into the alliance on their 1st village by using the ring menu over their 2nd village, which they built within his Kingdom.
  • Of course you can also chose a new area you want to settle in together. One village is not that important later in the game anyway.

With this last step you should be able to have invited all your members into the alliance.   Tilbake to previous page                                                                                                          Back to Top

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