Acquiring Villages

Have you arrived at the quest where you have to found your second village? Or looking to get a new village without the hassle of settlers? In today's topic we shall discuss the different methods by which players may acquire villages.


Acquiring Villages- General

In Travian: Kingdoms (as well as Travian: Legends) any given player might acquire a village by either of the following ways.



  • This is the simplest way to get a new village and is generally recommended for beginners.
  • In settling, a player makes a new village from scratch and develops it.
  • Settling is very cheap and takes less time.
  • To settle you need to have enough culture points and three settlers.
  • Any free slot (IE: not wilderness or another player's village) on the map may be used to settle.
  • A special troop mode called 'Settle' is there which can only be done with Settlers.
  • Settlers do not need to be researched.



  • Chiefing generally is not recommended for beginners and is very complicated to understand.
  • In chiefing a player 'takes' a village from another player and it already has whatever the other player built.
  • Chiefing is very, very expensive and takes a lot of time.
  • To chief a player requires a senator/chief/chieftain.
  • Only a village belonging to a player may be used.
  • Senators/Chiefs/Chieftains need to be researched.

​Loyalty & Conquering

  • At the start, a village has 100 loyalty and a city has 200 loyalty.
  • By repeatedly attacking a village/city by an administrator its loyalty can be brought to 0.
  • You need to select the mode 'Attack'
  • You need to have enough culture points.
  • To conquer a city you need twice as many CPs as that of a village.
  • Big celebrations can increase the loyalty increase/decrease in the village of the defender/attacker.
  • A Residence or Palace in a village increases the loyalty, making it harder to conquer.


Units required for acquiring villages


  • Settlers are required to Settle.
  • A Palace can train 3 at levels 10, 15 & 20.
  • A Residence can train 3 at levels 10 & 20.
  • You need settlers to found a village.
  • Settlers have excellent carrying capacity of 3000 resources per unit.



Culture Points

  • Basically, Culture Points (CPs) are simple restrictions to limit the amount of villages you can have.
  • You require 1 culture point expansion slot to found or conquer a village.
  • You require 2 culture point expansion slots to conquer a city.
  • Founding a city does not consume a residence/palace expansion slot, however it does consume a culture point expansion slot.


Palaces, Residences & Expansion Slots

  • Expansion slots are when your are able to train Settlers or Administrators in a Palace or Residence at certain levels.
  • A Palace can train 3 settlers or 1 administrator at levels 10, 15 & 20.
  • A Residence can train 3 settlers or 1 administrator at levels 10 & 20.
  • Please note that the expansion slts are tied to the village and not the building.
  • You can have either a Palace or Residence in your village at a time.



  • A village can be acquired by means of settling or conquering.
  • To settle you need 3 settlers and enough culture points.
  • To conquer you need 1 administator and enough culture points.
  • Settlers do not have to be researched.
  • Administrators have to be researched.
  • Culture points limit the number of villages a player can have.
  • A Palace can train 3 settlers or 1 administrator at levels 10, 15 & 20.
  • A Residence can train 3 settlers or 1 administrator at levels 10 & 20.

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